Squirt Review: Is It Worth It Or Not?

Are you gay men that’s looking for an online gay dating site? First thing, online dating can be a bit of a minefield at times for gay people. That is just because many websites offer a range of options and user bases of different ages. Do, you wish to explore a site that can suit your needs by catering to all the options, features, and security features under one roof? Then, you must take your time to read the squirt.org review once to meet people on Squirt.

“Squirt is a one of the earliest dating sites for gay men which is ruling the dating industry since the 90s. The platform offers a straightforward sex approach that encourages random hook-ups, sexual relationships as well as casual dating between gay men.”

The site offers an opportunity for gay men to find a compatible match for themselves in a safe environment. As we are going to evaluate and assess the Squirt, we are going to look at:

  • A detailed description of how to sign-up on the platform.
  • Overall functionality and usability of the site.
  • The features to explore on the site to make your search easy.
  • The services offered to free and paid members.
  • The security features that the site has to offer.
  • An FAQ section that answers all your queries before using the site.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s explore the Squirt review!

Sign-Up Process: Is It Really Easy?

The sign-up process in Squirt is extremely user-friendly. While you won’t get any mobile app. But the website version does include a mobile version too which makes it pretty slick in its design as well as in its usage. To make a profile, you just have to point your browser at squirt.org and just fill in the information that will be:

  • You’re working Email address
  • Username
  • Strong password

While signing up you have to make sure that the email address has to be valid as the site will send a confirmation link to your email to confirm your account. 

What About The Design And Usability?

Squirt is the platform for people looking for gay mens. This dating website has various menu options which can make it quite complex for new users on the working of the platform. With this, it is sure that if you are new to the site you will be overwhelmed with the options, even thou it is challenging in terms of user-friendliness. 

Website Design & Usability

The website design is relatively well-designed that has a red and black theme with various offers for regular members. The offers include live cam chat, message boards, cruising sports, and more. Moreover, the text size on the website is easy to read and understand.

“Some users do complain about the advert pics and ads, so do bear that in mind while using the platform.”

Mobile App to Access Squirt

The platform is quite a modern platform that has a unique theme, but it does not have a mobile app yet. However, the users at Squirt can access the mobile version, which is interesting to use on mobiles and tablets. Thankfully, the mobile version is far less cluttered than the website and it has various elements to it which make accessing the site interesting. The design of the mobile version is easy to use and the menus found on the top of the screen are in the theme of black and red which makes it good to look at Squirt too.

Let’s Talk About The User Structure

Pink Triangle Press, is the team behind the making of Squirt. The site started in the year 1999 out of Toronto, Canada. Well, that makes two decades of providing single gay males a platform to find singles for hookups and casual sex. While checking out the user base, you will find that there is a large portion of the user base is Canadian and American. Being an online dating site, it has a community side of its own as well. For example, it includes message boards where it has information on where you can find the best cruising spots in large cities to meet other gay men. 

But, speaking about the number of users on the Squirt, it was particularly difficult to find. Well, after hours of research and after trying various search options, we did come up with a bunch of statistics, that range from 2 million to 3 million users and somewhere in between. Well, it’s safe to say that this site has been in the dating market for over 20 years now. As per the age ranges, the users in the site are in majority of 25 to 44 years old. It, has quite a handful of users under its network making it easier for each gay men to find a potential match for themselves. Moreover, if you are looking for a young stud or an old-looking guy, Squirt is like that it has got you covered, that is a promise!

Here are feedback’s from several users on the site as per their dating experience:

“For me squirt has proven to be one of the best gay dating sites in the current era. It offers amazing features to interact and connect with other gay members around the city. I’ve had an amazing time to find hook-ups here, as it has plenty of good-looking men.”

Leo, 35

“I would rate this site 4.5 out of 5. Well, the site has welcoming offers for newbies with interactive features. However, there were some creepy users that made me a little uncomfortable. Despite this, I’ll still stick to using squirt as it has given me wonderful opportunities to find perfect gay men around me.”

Mark, 30

“Being gay, it’s quite difficult for our community to find a dating platform where we can find a potential partner for yourself. Well, when I came across squirt I was pretty amazed to see it’s user base and amazing features that made it so easy to find gay mens nearby. For me, squirt has done an amazing job, you must give it a try!”


Exciting Features To Explore On Squirt

Squirt.org comes with an intrinsic website with a theme of red and black. Below are some of the exclusive features that are available that you would be excited to read!

  • Cocktales

Are you someone who loves to read and write erotic stories? If yes, then you would love to have access to cocktales. It allows its users to contribute erotic stories, and to read thousands of contributions from other members. 

  • Webcam and Video Chat

Webcam and video chat options are one of the massive parts of the site. It offers this feature to all paid members. 

  • Message Board

The message board feature is available for website users. In this, the members can put their message on the board post and can select different ways to get notifications when other members respond to the message. 

  • Buddies and Admirers

The feature allows the members to add any member of the site to their buddy list. There is no restriction on that for non-paying members too.

  • Email/Messaging

If you are a paid member, then you will get access to unlimited emails and messages from other members. You can even send private/intimate images too.

  • Cruise listing

With your paid membership, you are going to get access to cruise listings as well. This feature makes it quite excellent for users who are traveling often and wishes to know the best gay pick-up locations in the nearby areas of the city they are traveling to. 

Safety and Security

While using an online dating platform the very first thing that comes in the mind is whether the platform is safe to use. Well, with Squirt you don’t have to worry about it as it keeps the safety of its members as one of its main priorities. The platform comes with SSL encryption that makes sure that all the connections, chats, and even the personal information of their members are safeguarded. This also means that whatever data you might be delivering to Squirt will be completely protected from hackers who might like to steal or intercept your data.

Moreover, confidentiality is top-notch! The private information or even chats that are shared with other members on the site will be kept private and won’t be disclosed to any 3rd party. Therefore, there is nothing to complain about regarding the safety and security of the site.

When it comes to the profile quality, you should know that it is quite excellent, as users are verified here by getting them to fill up a lot of information about themselves. Even, the verification process can take a few days, which is rare!

Pricing Policy For Free and Paid Membership

Just like any other online dating platform Squirt does come with a free as well as paid membership plan. There are many services that a member can enjoy by being a free member. However, the paid membership does level up the game in online dating to serve the purpose more conveniently.

Well, in case you are not sure which membership you should pick on, below you can compare the free membership features and paid membership features of the site so that you can pick the best one for yourself. 

Free Membership Services

The free services include:

  • You get to register on the site for free.
  • Free members can upload videos and photos.
  • Basic search filters are offered to explore suitable matches.
  • You can easily browse through the accounts of other members.
  • Read the erotic stories.
  • Chat with other members with instant messaging.

Paid Membership Services

As a paid member, you will get to enjoy the services such as:

  • You can make use of a location-based search, even if you are traveling to another city.
  • Get access to audio and visual chats. 
  • You can find members who are interested in hookups.
  • You can even look out for the profiles that have cruised you. 

Well, to get hold of paid membership, below is a chart that will give you explicit information on the cost structure as well as on the duration of your paid plan. 

1 week$3.97/week
1 month$8.97/month
3 months$7.65/month
6 months$6.16/month
12 months$4.48/month

Know How The Paid Membership is Different From The Free One

Sill, cannot decide on which one to pick? Check out the chart below to make a better comparison. 

FeaturesFree MembershipPaid Membership
View profiles20Unlimited
See who has viewed your profileNoUnlimited
Access to chat historyNoUnlimited
See banner adsYesNo
Access cruising listingsNoYes
Enter to group video chat rooms1Unlimited
Access to audio and visual chats1Unlimited
Buddy list limit1002500
Stored saved email10 days180 days
Watch webcams in private chat1unlimited

Without a doubt, the strongest point of Squirt is the price of the paid membership. As it just costs $8.95 per month which is quite excellent to consider. Moreover, if you wish to make some savings then you can even pick the longer packages that cost even less amount. Moreover, let’s be honest, buying a year membership does make sense as costs just only $4.48 per month. Ultimately, whatever package you may decide to pick up as per your circumstances you must know that all the packages as their own perks. While, when it comes to the payment option, you can use your credit card or your mobile pay.

Help and Customer Support

A member can connect with the customer support of Squirt on all days from 8 am to 2 am in EST. The customer care service is available to provide all the answers regarding every aspect of the site. In case a new user has any issue regarding the sign-up, they can help with that too. Different contact details are also available for customers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada. The FAQ section on the site is also helpful to get answers to your queries. To reach out to the support team you can contact them at the following numbers:

  • US and Canada: 1-877-587-8649
  • UK: 0-800-032-3665
  • Australia: 1-800-062-674

The customer support team can be reached by email as well. You can send your questions to them via: [email protected].

Squirt.Org Review


Even in a patriarchal society, it can be quite a challenging task for gay men to find the right partner without any judgment from society their family, and friends. To help out with this issue and to mitigate the peril of gay men, the dating platform “Squirt” has taken a step ahead to build an online platform, especially for gay men. The site was built in the year 1999, and since then it has taken a customer-centric approach by allowing gay adult to find causal hook-ups, friendship, fun, sex, cruising, and dating. It has quite a close community with genuine members.

To summarize, on the Squirt reviews, we can clearly say that this is quite an interesting gay dating site for sure. As it has been in the industry for the past 20 years. It is doing wonders in matchmaking for gay men, if not, then they would not have been around here for so long. It has an impressive database of active users but that is the only thing to pick the site. The cool member features like cruise listing, and free video chats are something that should be on the lookout for sure. Moreover, Squirt is a simple to explore site and it is worth a try if you are looking for a gay hook-up site that scores a solid 4 out of 5. So, what’s the wait? Join Squirt to meet gay men’s near your area!


What is Squirt?

Squirt is one of the famous online hookup dating sites for gay men. The site has been in the operation since the 90s. Today, it has access to more than 2 million members around the globe.

Is Squirt a legit hookup site?

Yes, it is one of the safest websites for gay dating for sure. In terms of keeping the user details safe, such as bank information and other details, it has security firewalls in place to do so.

How I use Squirt on mobile app?

At this point, it does not have a mobile app. However, it does come with an option to get optimized for mobile view. So, you can access the mobile version through your tabs or mobile phone.

Is Squirt free to use?

Yes, It is free to use. However, if you wish to use it effectively, then you must buy the paid membership which starts from different plans. Moreover, the good news is that the membership plans are quite affordable to choose from in terms of duration.

How do I cancel my Squirt subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easy. Just click on the setting which is in the column of the menu. Then, go to the account settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the option of deactivating your membership. Click on that option and automatically your profile will be removed from Squirt.

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