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Online dating has become increasingly popular in recent years, with websites catering to all kinds of interests and preferences. For those who are interested in dating within the LGBTQ+ community, BiggerCity is a popular option. BiggerCity is a dating website specifically designed for gay and bisexual men who are looking to connect with other men who share similar interests and lifestyles. The platform offers a range of features and tools to help users find compatible matches and build meaningful connections.

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Whether you are looking for casual dating, friendship, or a long-term relationship, BiggerCity is designed to help you find the right match. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of BiggerCity, as well as any potential drawbacks or limitations. We will also explore some of the best alternatives to BiggerCity for those who are looking for other options in the LGBTQ+ dating space.

User Interface and Design

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👀Is BiggerCity safe to use?Yes
👀 Is BiggerCity Legal?Yes

The user interface and design of a dating website play a crucial role in providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience. When it comes to BiggerCity, the platform boasts a user-friendly interface and a visually appealing design that is tailored to the needs of its gay and bisexual male user base.

The website’s layout is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to browse through profiles, search for matches, and access various features with ease. The interface is well-organized, with clear menus and navigation tabs, making it simple for users to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, the design elements are visually appealing, with a modern and sleek aesthetic that enhances the overall user experience.

BiggerCity also offers a responsive design, ensuring that the platform is accessible and functional across different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This means that users can connect and interact with others on the go, without compromising the quality of their experience.

Member Base and Diversity

The member base and diversity of BiggerCity are key factors that contribute to its success as an LGBTQ+ dating platform. BiggerCity prides itself on being an inclusive community that welcomes individuals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The platform attracts a diverse range of members, including bears, chubs, and their admirers, creating a space where everyone can feel accepted and valued.

One of the advantages of BiggerCity is its large and active member base. With a considerable number of users worldwide, the platform offers ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. The diverse member base ensures that users have a wide range of profiles to browse through and interact with, increasing the chances of finding compatible matches. Whether you are seeking casual encounters, friendships, or meaningful relationships, the diverse member base of BiggerCity allows you to explore different options and connect with people who share similar interests and preferences.

The inclusivity and diversity of the BiggerCity community contribute to a vibrant and engaging dating experience. It provides a platform for individuals to express themselves authentically and connect with others who appreciate and embrace their unique qualities. Whether you identify as a bear, a chub, or simply have an admiration for these body types, BiggerCity offers a supportive environment where you can interact with individuals who appreciate and celebrate your identity.

Communication and Interaction Features

BiggerCity offers a variety of communication and interaction features that make it easy for members to connect and engage with each other. One of the key features is the messaging system, which allows users to send and receive messages privately. This feature enables members to initiate conversations, get to know each other better, and explore potential connections.

Additionally, BiggerCity provides chat rooms where members can participate in group conversations and interact with a larger community. These chat rooms cover various topics and interests, allowing users to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful discussions.

To enhance the interactive experience, BiggerCity also offers video chat options. This feature enables users to have face-to-face conversations and build a stronger connection with their potential matches. Video chat can be particularly valuable for those who prefer visual communication and want to see and hear their matches in real-time.

Profile Quality and Customization

When it comes to online dating, having a well-crafted and appealing profile can greatly enhance your chances of attracting potential matches. In the case of BiggerCity, the platform offers users the opportunity to create detailed and personalized profiles that reflect their personality, interests, and preferences. This allows members to showcase their unique qualities and provide valuable information to others who may be interested in connecting with them.

One of the key aspects of profile quality on BiggerCity is the level of customization available. Users can add a variety of details to their profiles, including their physical attributes, relationship preferences, hobbies, and more. This enables individuals to provide a comprehensive snapshot of who they are and what they are looking for in a potential partner. Additionally, BiggerCity allows members to upload multiple photos to their profiles, providing a visual representation of themselves and allowing others to get a better sense of their appearance.

In terms of profile customization, BiggerCity offers various options to make your profile stand out. Users can personalize their profiles by adding a catchy headline, writing an engaging and informative “About Me” section, and even specifying their “Mister Right” criteria. This level of customization allows individuals to express their unique personality and preferences, making it easier for like-minded individuals to find and connect with them.

Privacy and Security Measures

Privacy and security are paramount when it comes to online dating platforms, and BiggerCity understands the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for its users. The platform has implemented various measures to protect user privacy and maintain a secure experience for all members.

BiggerCity takes privacy seriously by offering options to control the visibility of personal information. Users can customize their profile settings to determine what information is visible to others, ensuring that they have control over their personal data. Additionally, the platform has a strict privacy policy in place to safeguard user information and prevent unauthorized access.

When it comes to security, BiggerCity has implemented measures to protect user accounts from unauthorized access and potential fraud. The platform uses industry-standard encryption to secure user data and employs firewalls and other security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to its servers. BiggerCity also encourages users to report any suspicious or abusive behavior, and they take swift action to investigate and address such reports.

It’s important to note that while BiggerCity has implemented privacy and security measures, no online platform can guarantee complete security. Users should also take their own precautions, such as not sharing personal or financial information with strangers and being cautious when interacting with others online. By practicing safe online dating habits and using the provided security features, users can enhance their privacy and security while using BiggerCity.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

BiggerCity main page

Subscription Plans and Pricing are essential aspects to consider when exploring a dating platform like BiggerCity. It’s important to understand the different subscription options available and how they align with your dating goals and budget. BiggerCity offers several subscription plans that provide varying levels of access and features to enhance your online dating experience.

The platform typically offers free membership with limited features, allowing you to create a profile and browse through other users’ profiles. However, to unlock advanced features and enjoy a more comprehensive experience, BiggerCity offers premium subscription plans at different price points. These plans often include benefits such as unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, access to private photo galleries, and priority customer support.

When evaluating the subscription plans, it’s recommended to carefully consider your dating needs and preferences. Take into account the duration of the subscription, the overall cost, and the value you expect to gain from the additional features. It’s worth noting that longer subscription durations often offer discounted rates compared to shorter-term plans, providing better value for those committed to using the platform for an extended period.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to review the cancellation and refund policy before committing to a subscription. Understanding the terms and conditions associated with the pricing and subscription plans will help you make an informed decision and ensure a satisfying experience on BiggerCity.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and strengths of BiggerCity

BiggerCity offers a range of advantages and strengths that make it a popular choice for individuals seeking a community focused on dating and socializing within the larger gay, bisexual, and curious men community. Here are some key advantages and strengths of BiggerCity:

  1. Dedicated Community: BiggerCity caters specifically to the needs and interests of larger gay men, creating a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals who may feel underrepresented or marginalized on other dating platforms. The platform celebrates body positivity and embraces individuals of all shapes and sizes.
  2. Active User Base: BiggerCity boasts an active and engaged user base, which means there are plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. The platform attracts members from various backgrounds, ages, and locations, increasing the chances of finding compatible matches.
  3. Advanced Search and Matching Features: BiggerCity offers a robust set of search and matching features that allow users to narrow down their preferences and find compatible partners. The platform enables users to filter profiles based on specific criteria, such as age, location, body type, interests, and more, helping to streamline the dating process.
  4. Variety of Communication Options: BiggerCity provides a range of communication tools to facilitate connections and interactions among its members. These include private messaging, public chat rooms, forums, and the ability to share photos and videos. The diverse communication options allow for meaningful conversations and the opportunity to engage with the community in various ways.
  5. Mobile-Friendly Platform: BiggerCity offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that users can stay connected and access the platform on the go. The mobile app provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing members to browse profiles, send messages, and stay engaged with the community from anywhere at any time.

Drawbacks and limitations

While BiggerCity offers a unique platform for connecting with like-minded individuals, it’s important to be aware of some drawbacks or limitations that users should consider before using the platform. These include:

  1. Limited Availability: BiggerCity may not have an extensive user base in all geographic locations, especially in smaller or less populated areas. This can make it challenging to find local matches or individuals who share specific interests or preferences.
  2. Lack of Mobile App: BiggerCity primarily operates as a website and does not have a dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android devices. This can be inconvenient for users who prefer to access the platform on their smartphones or tablets and rely on mobile apps for a seamless dating experience.
  3. Focus on a Specific Community: BiggerCity caters primarily to the gay community, specifically those interested in chubby and bear-related dating. While this is a unique niche, individuals seeking other dating preferences or orientations may not find the platform as suitable for their needs.
  4. Limited Free Features: While BiggerCity offers free membership, the features available to free users are limited. Access to advanced search filters, messaging, and other premium features may require upgrading to a paid subscription. Free users may find their options restricted, impacting their overall experience on the platform.
  5. Limited Security Measures: While BiggerCity emphasizes user privacy and safety, it’s important to exercise caution when interacting with other members online. Like any online dating platform, it’s crucial to be mindful of sharing personal information and to take necessary precautions to protect your privacy.

By being aware of these limitations, users can make an informed decision about whether BiggerCity aligns with their dating preferences and requirements. It’s recommended to thoroughly explore the platform and consider these factors before committing to a membership.

Tips for a successful experience on BiggerCity

To have a successful experience on BiggerCity, consider the following tips:

  1. Create a Detailed and Genuine Profile: Take the time to create a comprehensive profile that accurately represents who you are. Include information about your interests, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a partner. Use clear and recent photos that showcase your personality.
  2. Be Active and Engage with Others: Actively participate in the BiggerCity community by browsing profiles, sending messages, and joining chat rooms or discussion forums. Engage in meaningful conversations and show genuine interest in getting to know others.
  3. Be Respectful and Polite: Treat others with respect and courtesy. Remember that everyone on the platform is looking for connections and deserves to be treated kindly. Avoid offensive language, harassment, or inappropriate behavior.
  4. Be Clear About Your Expectations: Clearly communicate your intentions and what you’re seeking on BiggerCity. This helps to ensure that you connect with individuals who have similar interests and relationship goals.
  5. Take Your Time: Building connections and relationships takes time. Don’t rush into anything and take the time to get to know someone before making decisions or meeting in person. Building trust and connection is essential for a successful experience.
  6. Utilize Search Filters: BiggerCity offers search filters that allow you to refine your search based on specific criteria such as age, location, interests, and more. Utilize these filters to narrow down your options and find compatible matches.
  7. Be Open-Minded: Keep an open mind when interacting with others. Be open to meeting people from diverse backgrounds and with different experiences. Embrace the opportunity to learn and grow through connections with others.
  8. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Approach your BiggerCity experience with a positive mindset. Don’t get discouraged by rejections or setbacks. Remember that finding meaningful connections takes time and perseverance.

By following these tips, you can enhance your chances of having a successful and enjoyable experience on BiggerCity. Remember to be authentic, respectful, and patient, and you’ll increase your likelihood of making meaningful connections on the platform.

What are the best BiggerCity alternatives?

When it comes to alternatives to BiggerCity, there are several platforms that cater to the gay community and provide similar features and experiences. Here are some of the best BiggerCity alternatives to consider:

  1. Grindr: Grindr is one of the most popular gay dating apps available. It has a large user base worldwide and offers features such as geolocation-based matches, messaging, and a grid-style interface for easy browsing.
  2. Scruff: Scruff is another well-known app for gay men that focuses on connecting users with a community of like-minded individuals. It offers features like profile customization, messaging, and event listings, allowing users to explore both local and global connections.
  3. Chasabl: Chasabl is a platform designed for gay men who are interested in the chubby and bear community. It provides a space for users to connect, chat, and share their interests. The site offers features like browsing profiles, messaging, and joining groups based on common interests.
  4. Grommr: Grommr is a social networking and dating platform specifically tailored for gay men who are into the gainer and encourager lifestyle. It offers features such as profile creation, messaging, and a community forum for discussions and connections.
  5. Daddyhunt: Daddyhunt is an app that caters to older gay men and their admirers. It focuses on building meaningful connections and provides features like profile browsing, messaging, and a robust search functionality.

These alternatives offer diverse user bases, unique features, and different community vibes, allowing individuals to find a platform that aligns with their preferences and interests in the gay dating realm.


BiggerCity offers a unique and inclusive platform for individuals within the gay community who are interested in chubby and bear-related dating. With its focus on fostering connections, providing a supportive community, and offering various features for interaction and engagement, BiggerCity caters to the specific needs and preferences of its users. The user-friendly interface and accessible design make it easy to navigate the platform and connect with like-minded individuals.

However, it’s important to consider the limitations of BiggerCity before diving in. The limited availability in certain areas, lack of a mobile app, and the platform’s specific focus on the gay community may impact the user experience, depending on individual preferences and geographic location. Additionally, while free membership is available, users may find their options restricted and may need to upgrade to a paid subscription for full access to features.

By weighing the advantages and drawbacks of BiggerCity, individuals can make an informed decision about whether it aligns with their dating goals and preferences. Overall, BiggerCity provides a unique space for individuals to connect, engage, and explore relationships within the gay chubby and bear community, making it a noteworthy option for those seeking this particular niche.


Is BiggerCity only for gay men?

Yes, BiggerCity is primarily designed for gay men, with a specific focus on chubby and bear-related dating. It aims to create a community and platform that caters to the needs and interests of gay men within this niche.

Can I use BiggerCity if I'm not located in a major city?

BiggerCity has a substantial user base in major cities, but its availability may be limited in certain areas. While it's worth exploring the platform regardless of your location, it's important to keep in mind that the number of local users may vary based on geographic location.

Are there free features available on BiggerCity?

Yes, BiggerCity offers a free membership option that allows users to create a profile, browse other profiles, and engage in limited communication. However, some features and functionality may be restricted, and upgrading to a paid subscription will provide access to additional perks and benefits.

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